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The band Xperimento in Miami, Florida
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The Many Voices of the USA

Celebrating LGBTQ Pride in San Francisco, California
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The Many Voices of the USA

A Navajo woman working on a traditional loom near Monument Valley, Utah
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The Many Voices of the USA

Robin Barnes in New Orleans, Louisiana
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The Many Voices of the USA

Taking a selfie on a road trip through Sonora Pass near Tuolumne, California
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The Many Voices of the USA

Discover the cultural mosaic of the USA

We invite the world to discover the diversity of the USA. Learn about the pivotal moments that have built our country and connect with tribal and community leaders, historians, storytellers, artists, athletes, business owners and local ambassadors who are champions of our cultural heritage. Together, we celebrate the multiculturalism of the USA, embracing all people, places, small businesses, cultural experiences and special celebrations. Join us as we choose love, acceptance and inclusivity.

Can’t-Miss U.S. Cultural Experiences

A dancer at a pow wow in South Dakota

Honor Indigenous American Heritage

Tribal festivals and powwows, both colorful and reverent, take place across the USA. See sacred traditions passed down by tribal members over generations. Watch dance competitions and hear voices sing in unison while drums beat. Major events include the Crow Fair in Montana, the Shoshone-Bannock Festival in Idaho, the United Tribes International Powwow in North Dakota and the Gathering of Nations in New Mexico. At these events and in indigenous communities, taste traditional food and shop for artisan jewelry and artwork. Visit museums including the Heard Museum in Arizona and Chickasaw Cultural Center in Oklahoma. Take an East Shoshone Tribe Buffalo Tour in Wyoming’s Wind River Country and discover Trail of Tears monuments in Arkansas.

Playing music during a Juneteenth parade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Chart the Course of Black American History and Culture

Learn about the struggles faced by Black Americans for basic human rights and racial equality at museums, memorials and other important sites. Map out your Civil Rights Trail itinerary and tread in the footprints of pivotal Black leaders and pioneers. Visit landmarks and patronize Black-owned businesses in cities ranging from Topeka, Kansas, and Memphis, Tennessee, to Birmingham, Alabama, and Washington, D.C. In Atlanta, Georgia, the birthplace of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., tour the National Historical Park named after him, and go to Memphis, Tennessee, where he spent his last days in 1968. At events across the USA, join the chorus of voices celebrating Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day. Each February, Black History Month puts a spotlight on cultural, historical and continued advances of Black Americans in celebration of their contributions to the USA’s cultural fabric. Year-round, experience how Black Americans have created some of the USA’s richest exports. From music to sports to film, television, art and literature, you’ll recognize this international influence.

Exploring Chinatown in Chicago, Illinois

Embrace Asian Communities and Traditions

Many of the USA’s cities are home to significant Asian populations and culturally rich neighborhoods. Feast on delicious and authentic fare in bustling Chinatown districts in San Francisco, New York City and Houston. Merchants selling essential goods and ornate architectural touches such as arches and tiled roofs are hallmarks of these historic enclaves. Visit shops while strolling India Square in the Bombay neighborhood of Jersey City. Observe Vietnamese traditions in the sprawling Little Saigon area of Orange County, California. See dozens of lovely Japanese gardens in places such as Portland, Oregon; Rockford, Illinois; and Delray Beach, Florida. Join celebrations of the Lunar New Year and other colorful cultural festivals, and visit local Asian history museums, memorial parks and art galleries.

Traditional bomba performance in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Experience the Influences of Hispanic and Latinx Culture

Whether it’s New York City’s Latinx and Afro-Latinx communities with diverse influences from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and more, or the rich Mexican traditions in the Southwest, you’ll feel Hispanic and Latinx energy across the USA. In Texas, Brownsville offers a cultural immersion with fun fiestas and Tex-Mex food along its Taco Trail. Follow the beats of Latin-inspired music such as Mexican folk, pop and mariachi at popular hot spots in Phoenix, Arizona. Miami brims with music, food, art and dances gleaned from Cuban, Caribbean and South American cultures. Visit the island territory of Puerto Rico and Puerto Rican communities in Philadelphia and Chicago. Fill up on authentic fare and stock up on spices at locally owned Latinx restaurants and markets while exploring these fascinating communities.

Celebrating Pride in St. Petersburg, Florida

Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Year-Round

In June, cities across the USA celebrate Pride Month with a range of festive events, community service opportunities and more. We invite you to step across rainbow crosswalks on the streets of Seattle, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Key West and Miami Beach. Get acquainted with San Francisco, home to many LGBTQ+ firsts. Discover more LGBTQ+ history at the Stonewall Inn in New York City’s Greenwich Village. In Texas, soak up the inclusive energy of Austin’s eclectic music scene. Wear a costume to West Hollywood’s Halloween Carnaval, then revel in Los Angeles’ thriving nightlife. On the east coast in Massachusetts, appreciate freedom of expression in Provincetown, the country’s oldest art colony, and attend Fantasia Fair in October. These are just a handful of the USA’s diverse places where LGBTQ+ travelers will feel welcome enjoying local experiences.

Traditional Haida dancers in Ketchikan, Alaska

Explore Native History in the Vast Wilds of Alaska

With more than 10,000 years of history, Alaska offers opportunities to learn about the state’s first people, who continue to thrive in the USA’s largest and northernmost state. Take a road trip to discover 11 distinct indigenous cultures speaking 20 languages. Among the must-visit places in Anchorage is the Alaska Native Heritage Center, which preserves traditions, arts, stories and heritage. Tour dozens of other museums and cultural sites throughout the state; see demonstrations in dancing, drumming, totem carving and dog sledding. Enlist local guides to lead a tour to better understand how the Alaska Native tribes coexist with nature on stunningly beautiful but very wild lands.

Crew rowing a Fautasi boat in American Samoa

A Blend of Native Cultures in the Pacific Islands

While Native American traditions influence the USA’s contiguous 48 states, travelers will be amazed at thousands of years of rich history and indigenous cultures in Hawaii and the territories of Guam, American Samoa and Northern Mariana Islands. Dive underwater reefs in Guam and learn about traditions of the Chamorro people, including cultural parks, food, music, art and markets. Walk trails created by Hawaii’s first people that lead to caves and volcanoes. Learn more about Pacific Islanders and how their cultures evolved since prehistoric times. Anywhere you travel, fill your itinerary with educational and entertaining attractions, must-try cuisine and ancient landmarks.

Viewing the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama
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