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USA Through Music: Detroit, Michigan with Eryn Allen Kane
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Eryn Allen Kane and the Detroit, Michigan music scene.

The soulful sound of Detroit’s new music scene and the musical inspiration for many stars to come: Eryn Allen Kane. You can catch her watching a show at Fox Theatre, catching up with friends in a soul food joint or picking up some motown history at Hitsville museum.

From the early age of five years old, Kane grew up singing in a local choir. She quickly learnt how different sounds and harmonies can work together to create something beautiful. Her family would play her records as they didn’t have a radio, so Kane’s musical pallet was built from iconic stars, including Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Prince.

Kane’s musical journey progressed further when she joined the Detroit Institute of Arts and the highly talented youth choir, Mosaic. Her teachers encouraged her to sing solos and learn from Detroit’s greatest stars that had sung years before her. She began to understand the art of singing from the soul and the heart of Detroit’s motown legacy- a fundamental part of America’s musical history.

In 2015, Kane had a creative breakthrough when the hugely successful, Prince asked her to record with him. They collaborated on the song ‘Baltimore’ and performed together at Prince’s peace concert, Rally 4. Since then, Kane has released two successful EPs and toured all over America.

Kane’s love for Detroit isn’t just about the vast amount of musical influences, it’s also about the community, the hard-workers and the creative inspiration that flows through the city. Nothing suits her better than kicking-it with some food and friends, or going to the iconic Fox Theatre to catch a show. Eryn’s top tip for watching a sunset? Drive down to Belle Isle; a beautiful riverside park that’s perfect to watch the orange glow fall onto the city.

Hitsville, the home of motown, in Detroit, Michigan.

Hitsville, the home of motown, in Detroit, Michigan.
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