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An orange glow as the sun rises over fisherman on Lake Murray
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    South Carolina

Some of the best fishing you will experience in South Carolina is guaranteed to take place on the waters of Lake Murray.

Covering more than 20,200 hectares and bordering four counties, this expansive lake offers plenty of spots to drop a line in hopes of reeling in a fish.

Enjoying a Day on the Water

Lake Murray was constructed in the 1930s as part of a hydroelectric generator facility, but it has since become a major destination in the Midlands of South Carolina near the state capital of Columbia. Thousands of people visiting the state enjoy spending time on Lake Murray, whether they’re fishing, wakeboarding or just enjoying a day on the water. Lake Murray is home to some of the best freshwater fishing in the USA. While numerous local and national fishing tournaments are held at Lake Murray each year, it’s also a great place for less-experienced anglers to go fishing.

Captain Mike Glover holding a striped bass caught in Lake Murray

Captain Mike Glover holding a striped bass caught in Lake Murray
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Guiding the Way on Lake Murray

For first-timers, hiring a guide is the perfect way to experience an exciting day of fishing on the lake. If you decide to use a fishing guide, you will have everything you need to guarantee a successful day of fishing – equipment, knowledge and plenty of good conversation. This is especially true if you head out with Captain Mike Glover, a seasoned South Carolina fisherman. According to Captain Mike, who has been fishing the lake for more than 30 years, all it takes is one fishing trip on Lake Murray for you to be hooked. Typical catches of striped bass – the official state fish of South Carolina – range from about two to nearly 14 kilograms. Captain Mike says striped bass are nocturnal, so the best time to catch them is first thing in the morning, which means you’ll also get to enjoy a beautiful Lake Murray sunrise. Whether you’re a first-time angler or an age-old pro, Lake Murray is the perfect destination for your next fishing trip.

Working to reel in a fish while angling on Lake Murray

Working to reel in a fish while angling on Lake Murray
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Getting There

After booking an international flight to the USA, arrange for a connecting flight to Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE), where you can rent a car and then drive about 30 minutes to Lake Murray.