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Kayak tour through shallow waters in Charlotte County, Florida
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Searching for shells on Englewood Beach in Charlotte County, Florida
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Coastal walkway in Charlotte County, Florida
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Fishing alongside a great blue heron in Charlotte County, Florida
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Great blue heron at Englewood Beach in Charlotte County, Florida
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Sunset over the water at Englewood Beach in Charlotte County, Florida
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Kayaking through the bayous of Charlotte County, Florida
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Ocean-side dining in Punta Gorda, Florida
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Coastal trees in Charlotte County, Florida
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When you travel to scenic Charlotte County on Florida’s west coast, endless, uncrowded beaches and many untouched natural landscapes await you.

The area is also a real find for seafood lovers. I loved my relaxed discovery tour filled with outdoor fun in southwest Florida!

A Kayak Trip Through Untouched Nature

Early in the morning, the warm Florida sun and blue skies greet me. The day is just perfect for a kayak trip through the surrounding nature. I rent a kayak near Placida and after a quick lesson, my tour guide and I are on floating on the calm waters. Our tour today takes us along dense mangroves and small creeks, in where the water is sometimes only a few feet deep. Again and again we stop, take beautiful shells out of the water and marvel at the big oyster banks below us. The mangroves grow more and more dense, and eventually we are paddling through a mangrove tunnel, where the branches have grown together over our heads. From here, you can explore the surrounding nature on more than 50 different kayak routes and the landscapes change from dense mangroves, lonely coves and small creeks to wide areas of marshland, covered with seagrass.

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Wonderfully Quiet, Dreamy Beaches

After a short break in a nice beach cafe, I decide to take a long walk along Englewood Beach in the afternoon. Charlotte County is home to many dream beaches like this one, and the nice thing about them is that they are not crowded. I take off my sandals and walk through the warm sand. Again and again, I stop and marvel at the many beautiful shells in the sand. The beaches of Charlotte County are popular among shell collectors, and after a short while, I find myself collecting more and more shells until my pockets are full. Here you’ll also find shark’s teeth that are particularly popular among collectors. All afternoon I walk through the sand, and apart from a few couples, I’m the only one in the evening watching the beautiful sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

A Paradise for Seafood Lovers

Such an active day has made me hungry, so I visit one of the many great seafood restaurants in the area. Farlow’s on the Water offers many fresh seafood specialties on their menu and it’s located right on the water in a little cove – a perfect place for a romantic dinner with views of the water! After my first-class meal, I enjoy a cocktail at the bar and listen to the Caribbean music that fills the warm air; I’m already dreaming about my next vacation in Florida.

Charlotte County is a wonderfully relaxing area in Florida that exudes a great peacefulness. For me, it’s a perfect vacation spot for a romantic getaway, where the beautiful surrounding nature and the great food make you forget about the stress of everyday life!

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