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Its remote location in central eastern Nevada adds to the allure of Great Basin National Park. The lack of crowds and the jaw-dropping landscape make this National Park the perfect place to go for peace, quiet and adventure.

Great Basin National Park is home to a host of treasures. The majestic Wheeler Peak, which stands over 4,000 meters high, is a great place to hike, as is the bristlecone pine grove, which has some of the world’s oldest trees (including some that may be 5,000 years old). Thanks to surroundings like these, hiking trails like the Mountain View Nature are a huge draw. Below the park’s surface, the beautiful marble Lehman Caves feel like another world entirely: Slender rock tines appear to drip from the caverns’ ceiling, creating an incredible scene. The sights don't end when the sun goes down. Make sure to catch some of the sparkling stars over the park at night.

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