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Discover Maine
Discover Maine
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Visitors come to Maine to find their own inspiration – whether it’s the joy of finding the best locally crafted beer or handmade gift, or the soul-restoring calm of watching the sun rise over the Atlantic. Come to Maine to be replenished.

The Culinary Scene

Mainers have been eating sea-to-table (and farm-to-table) for centuries; the award-winning chefs from across the state bring creativity and passion to their food. Sample culinary treats from food trucks and local diners to tapas-style bistros and fine dining establishments – savor the variety of Maine flavors and foods.

Maine was a pioneer of the craft brewing movement, and now that same spirit has extended into a thriving craft distillery scene that mixes local ingredients with Maine’s quintessential ingenuity and inspiration. From blueberry moonshine (yes, that’s a thing) to Maine potato vodka, even the most demanding palate will be delighted.

Outdoor Adventure

Bird watching in spring, discovering a new mountain path in the summer, delighting in the glorious colors of autumn and enjoying the deep snows of winter, it’s easy to see why Maine’s outdoor activities (and our Registered Maine Guides) never take a day, or a season, off. Maine is nearly as large as the other five New England states combined, offering more than 85,000 square kilometers of exploration and adventure awaiting. Real adventurers will find the north woods and waterways much the same as they were 150 years ago when Henry David Thoreau and guides from Maine’s Penobscot Tribe journeyed through northern Maine.

Shopping, Arts & Culture

Maine’s resourceful, dependable and inventive spirit is embodied by our long history of fine craftsmanship of everything from food to furniture, clothing to jewelry. Enjoy the many farmers’ markets, unique galleries and showrooms throughout the state, including Maine Center for Crafts. Maine Made means simply the best.

Much of Maine’s culture emanates from the sea, and the state’s maritime heritage is readily seen – lobstermen and their buoys dot the shore and windjammers cruise the coastline daily. Visitors experience both the past and present influence of the ocean on Maine’s people at Maine Maritime Museum or just by watching the many working harbors.

The sea and the surrounding dramatic landscape have also been inspiring artists like Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth for hundreds of years: museums, galleries, studios and performing arts venues continue to make the arts part of the fabric of everyday Maine life. You may find that Maine’s natural beauty inspires you as well, as your thoughts start to sound like the lines of a Thoreau poem. “Live the life you have imagined.”

Discover Maine
Discover Maine
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Camping in dense forests atop summits on Mount Desert Island off the coast of Maine
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Acadia National Park

Some of the best views on the U.S. East Coast are on Mount Desert Island, where beaches and cliffs give way to dense forests and mountaintops, one of which is 466 meters high. Venture to the summits using more than 204 kilometers of hiking trails to take in the green landscapes of Maine and the allure of the mighty ocean. Visit a garden, nature center and museum to learn how donated land became a jewel in the National Park Service collection. Listen to rangers talk about its history and 21st century changes.

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