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March 22, 2016

Pacific Northwest Road Trip Q&A

The landscapes of the Pacific Northwest never fail to conjure a sense of wonder and adventure, which is why we selected this stunning region as the destination for our next road trip. The journey started off in Portland, Oregon, home to craft beer, bridges, and really great people, and ended in the stunning landscapes of Washington State.

You can follow our journey here. We brought along one of our favorite travelers José Jimenez, a travel photographer, TV personality and film maker from Mexico City. José Jimenez, or Fotografo Viajero, the "Foreign Photographer," publishes books of his travel photography, hosts a nationally broadcasted radio show on Mexican airwaves, exhibits artwork regularly at galleries around the country, and is currently working on a documentary that will showcase each region of Mexico from an off road vehicle. We had a blast with José and we were pleased to experience the grandeur and glory of the Pacific Northwest not only by his side, but through his lens. Here are Jose’s impressions of this epic road trip:

Q: What was the most unique place you visited and why?

A: The natural landscapes of Oregon and Washington have been the most spectacular part of the trip — especially waterfalls, volcanoes and endless forests. This area is special because of its high concentration of volcanoes and rivers. As a photographer, I appreciate that it fosters a unique visual landscape. Each photo creates natural postcards that can only be seen in that place.

Q: What was the most delicious thing you ate on the trip?

A: The food of the Pacific Northwest is deliciously prepared thanks to the abundance of fresh seafood and organic produce grown in the area. It is difficult to choose the best thing I ate between the delicious steaks, mussels, salmon, fresh-from-the-sea seafood accompanied by wine, but my choice is definitely the great feast of King Crab we enjoyed at The Crab Pot in Seattle. 

Q: What was the most visually beautiful thing you saw on the trip and why was it so impressive? 

A: The night we spent at Friday Harbor in Washington’s San Juan Islands, surrounded by the forest illuminated by the brilliant stars in the sky.

We watched a spectacular sunset on the island of St. John, Washington next to the lighthouse. The sunset was full of colors, which made it a picture-perfect moment.

Q: Tell us a funny story that happened on the road or a surprising fact that you learned – specific to an experience you had, the USA itself, or the people you met.  

A: The funniest and most entertaining part of the trip was laughing with my travel companions, Mavs and Corey. No landscape or place could overshadow our endless conversations and jokes on the road.

Q: What were your impressions of the USA’s Pacific Northwest region before this trip? And what changed after the trip? 

A: My impression before this trip was that the  Pacific Northwest was full of natural landscapes, landscapes that you would find on postcards. Now that I have visited I know this for a fact. My thoughts on the destination changed as a result of the people I met. I got to see more of this beautiful place because of the overwhelming kindness of the locals. Happy, smiling people, people who went out of their way to show me a good time.

Q: What do you think an international traveler would find the most interesting about your trip? 

A: I would definitely say the natural landscapes, because they are really beautiful. Also the warmth of the local people and the amazing, high-quality food, which is always accompanied by a good Pinot Noir.

Q: What advice would you give a traveler wanting to brave the Pacific Northwest?

A: The best advice I have would be to build in time to explore the surrounding areas. Also, be open minded and and receptive to the local culture. And finally  be prepared to eat well and eat a lot.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add about the trip experience?

A: I wish I had more time to connect more deeply with nature. Road trips are a really special and magical type of travel.

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